JANZ - Sportrevolver


Typ EM Kaliber .44 MAG/6“ - 5 chamber or  .357 MAG/6“ - 6 chamber



The lowest and highest performance revolver of its class

  • DA/SA, trigger weight 800 – 1.500 g
    • Trigger: dry, short, tuned
      • All parts are tempered – Nill-Grip
        • Surface mat high gloss brown finish
          • Sport sight
            • Front sight undercut
              • 10 years functioning guarantee
                • Total weight: 1.380 g for optimum balance


The technical datas are according to the Well-known Janz „E and S frame“,
because technique is sometimes not to surpass.



<strong>Cylinder simply to remove</strong>
<strong>Scale for trigger weight</strong>
<strong>Prec. Micrometer sight</strong>
<strong>Front sight exchangeable and hight adjustable</strong>
Cylinder simply to remove