Revolver instruction parts

1 Trigger
2 Hammer
3 Cylinder
4 Cylinder swivel button
5 Cylinder unlocking
6 Yoke, with calibre indication
7 Cylinder axis
8 Cylinder stop
9 Barrel
10 Barrel unit with sight
10a Changeable front sight
10b  Height adjustment sight
11 Micrometer sight
11a Leaf adjustment side

11b Sight block screw
12 Trigger stop
13 Trigger weight adjustment
13a Scale trigger weight
14 Grip plate
15 JTL - emblem
15a Magnet JTL - emblem
16 Manufacturing number
(covered from yoke: swivel out)
17 Lock cover
18 Official shelling sign
(only change system, under yoke)
18a Official shelling sign
(only constant calibre)